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Team win in position… Sam and I are touring as part of the Wallis Bird band- ans Sam with his solo project Sam Vance-Law -HOMOTOPIA.

Having a beautiful time with the Bird crew ❤


Here are the remaining dates in case you didn’t catch us yet 🙂
Mi, 22.02.2017 — CH — Basel — Sommercasino Basel
Thu, 23.02.2017 — FR — Paris — LA BOULE NOIRE
 Fri, 24.02.2017 — Roubaix — La Cave aux Poètes
Sun, 26.02.2017 — BEL – Brüssel — Le Botanique
Mon, 27.02.2017 — NL – Amsterdam — Paradiso
Tue, 28.02.2017- NL – Nijmegen — Merleyn
Mi, 01.03.2017 — Bochum — Bahnhof Langendreer
Do, 02.03.2017 — Münster — Gleis 22
Fr, 03.03.2017 — Bremen — Tower 
Sa, 04.03.2017 — Hamburg — Mojo Club
Mo, 06.03.2017 — Bielefeld — Forum
Di, 07.03.2017 — Hannover — Kulturzentrum Faust
Mi, 08.03.2017 — Leipzig — Moritzbastei
Di, 18.04.2017 — Jena — Kassablanca
Mi, 19.04.2017 —Dresden — Beatpol
Do, 20.04.2017 — Freiburg — Jazzhaus
Fr, 21.04.2017 — Konstanz — Kulturladen
Sa, 22.04.2017 — AT – Dornbirn — Dynamo Festival
So, 23.04.2017 — Ulm — Roxy

Well hello there

We are happy to say there’s been a nice twist in the story… We’ve been working with the excellent woman that is Wallis Bird on some veeeeerrrrry funky basslines… here’s a video (thanks Lukas for posting!) of our gig at Hauptbahnhof Jubilaum- hope you enjoy as much as we did 😉

Hey! How excellently exciting- we finished Ashes- here’s a sneak preview!


Hey there! On Sunday we had a break from our musical recording adventure, too meet up with Thomas, Guido and Dan from Indieahner, Alex Berlin TV and the lovely Lukas Meister. It was a really great session with great people, we’re looking forward to seeing it on screen!——> watch this spaaaace

Tip Top Hurray! INDIEAHNER TV #16 ist im Kasten. Freut Euch mit uns auf die brandneue Show mit den bezaubernden Traded Pilots und dem fabelhaften und niemals resignierenden Lukas Meister. Sendetermin der Premiere auf ALEX Berlin wird Sonntag, der 27.03., 22 Uhr sein. Dank an Lukas für das schnucke Selfie : ) — with Lukas Meister,Traded Pilots, Thomas Wosnitza and Dan McGarry.

Sam was playing with the camera during one of our rehearsals… and this was the result of it. Welcome to the band! 😉

What a pleasure! We’re recording some drums, keys and general strange sounds in the legendary RAK studio in London-town. What a great way to start the year… Happy 2016 everyone!

rak studios london

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kisses 🙂

Happy Holidays! * Merry Christmas! * Lacheim it’s Hanukkah time!

Thank you so much for a wonderful 2015! We can’t wait for a fresh new year and all of the exciting tings it’s going to bring…

Relax, chill, read, drink, eat, love and we’ll see each other in 2016! ❤

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it’s out! and it’s very lovely 🙂 thanks to Stephan Talneau and Florent fromBerlinerMoment for taking the time to hang out with us and get some footage of us as our better selves! thanks, also, to tip Berlin for hosting it, and to Wallis Bird and Swacey Kelliher for stepping in and lending their brilliance. hope you guys like it. Traded Pilots out! and much love….