This will be a cracker!
There will be home baked cake and some springtime feelings…
all that’s missing is YOU :)

FREE ENTRANCE (we’ll pass around a hat so the rich people can give us their savings

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LENAUSTR 7, NEUKÖLLN, (U8 Hermannplatz)
20.09.14 – at 20:00


Here’s an introduction to the wonderful Miss Rose

lovely gig at the weekend! Thanks to Daniel for inviting us and to everyone in the audience for a special evening!

traded pilots

taraxacum officinale


Traded Pilots at Taraxacum Officinale Festival!
22.-24. August (we play the evening of 23rd)

we’re so excited, it looks magical…

an old industrial site next to river and woods close to Chemniz

for more information please contact these lovely people…

hope to see you there!

see you in Monarch, Xberg this Wednesday!

26.03.14   @ 20:00

Skalitzer Straße 134, 10999 Berlin


supporting the craziness that is Vin Blanc White Wine…



We are simply THRILLED to announce, our Traded Pilots tour booking is coming along nicely! These are the dates that have been confirmed so far… More information will follow soon

26.03 Berlin – Monarch (supporting Vin Blanc White Wine)

28.03 Dachau – Café Gramsci

01.04 Leipzig – Goldhorn (supporting Vin Blanc White Wine)

04.04 Aachen – Musikbunker

05.04 Köln – Cafe Duddel

get your calenders out :)

(Photo: Heather Schmaedeke)

Photo: Heather Schmaedeke

Photo: Heather Schmaedeke

Live Radio show 19.02.14 —  20:00

TRADED PILOTS live at this rather awesome comedy show, PIFFLE…


Vagabund Brauerei, Antwerpener Str. 3, 13353 Berlino

here are the details:

Beginn: 20:00

Café Gramsci
Burgfriedenstr. 3
85221 Dachau

join the event:

We have new songs … look forward to seeing you there! :)

Foto (1)

Traded pilots planen unsere erste Tour alleine! Die wird hoffentlich Ende Februar / Anfang März (so ung. 27.02.14 – 03.03.14 und 27.03.14 – 30.03.14) stattfinden.

Hast du Tips / Kontakte für uns in deiner Stadt?

*** *** *** *** ***

Traded Pilots are planing our first ever very own tour at the end of February / beginning of March (hopefully 27.02.14 – 03.03.14 and 27.03.14 – 30.03.14)

Do you have tips or contacts for us in your city/town?

© Heather Schmaedeke

© Heather Schmaedeke


We are very excited to announce our tour dates this November and December opening for Dear Reader! We hope to see you there…. 

25th Nov – Kassel – Schlachthof
27th Nov – Wil – Gare de Lion
1st Dec Wien – Chelsea Wien
2nd Dec – Jena – Rossenkeller
3rd Dec – Giessen – MuK Giessen


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